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BBC Scottish referendum bias and ongoing BBC bias to 2017

On this page you will find every post ever published on, covering not just BBC Scottish referendum bias, but what has appended since then – updated weekly.

The BBC Scottish Referendum Bias was probably the worst period for the BBC ever up to 2014. Losing the confidence of up to half of the Scottish people on both sides of the debate who expected the BBC to fulfil its charter obligation of fair reporting and to respect the governance of the referendum process.

You will see below that the BBC has now moved on to mis-reporting every aspect of Scottish political life. This is clearly aimed at making ordinary people believe, contrary to the evidence, that those aspects of government delegated to Scotland are not being competently managed.

The mis-management of the NHS in England and Wales is ignored, while the superior performance of the NHS in Scotland is continually criticised. Scottish police have the highest number of personnel ever with the lowest level of crime – but they are criticised with no reference to the crisis-ridden meltdown in many police forces South of the boarder. Our education system is the fairest in the UK with the highest teacher ratio in the UK – but attracts nothing but criticism from the BBC.

It is clear that the objective is to continue BBC Scottish Referendum Bias, as the BBC prepares people for the next referendum whenever that might be.

We have tried to analyse these articles over a number of headings to help you make your mind up for yourself. ‘Police’, ‘NHS’, ‘Education’ or where a story was ‘not reported’ as it would have made Scotland look good, or how the BBC covered a story when compared to STV. For BBC Scottish Referendum Bias to work, it has to cover every aspect of Scottish life.

It is clear that our National broadcaster is stuck the BBC is stuck in “ BBC Scottish Referendum Bias ” mode and has made no attempt since to resume normal service.
Image Source:  Pixabay