BBC Reporting Scotland’s subliminal propagandising of Salmond and Sturgeon

Salmond and Sturgeon

by Prof. John Robertson  |  17 Jan 2019  |  Image : Pixabay

It’s not ‘natural’ is it? They’ve done something to the images of Salmond and Sturgeon to make them look disturbing in some way. Sturgeon, in particular, looks almost ghoulish or even, diseased. The presenter looks suitably nervous. Why have they done this? Why have they modified the photographs?

The report is about the imagined ‘civil war’ within the SNP so, I’m guessing, the producer wanted the images to ‘fit’ the story in some melodramatic but immature way. Remember this is not a student project or the work of the Sun or the Daily Mail. It’s in a mass broadcast by a public service broadcaster with a royal charter requiring it to inform us. What information is communicated to us by changing photographs to make those represented look unwell or evil in some way? Surely, the images unmodified, should have been used to more accurately represent the characters. BBC Reporting Scotland has ‘previous’ on this…

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