BBC News Review – Apparently Tories won Glasgow Council

Editor’s note :  Once again, this shows the bias inherent in the BBC reviewing the ‘news’ by reading out the headlines in our mostly non-UK owned right wing press without any health warnings.

…. All of which perhaps explains the unfortunate guest on the BBC’s papers review on Friday night who read the coverage and concluded that Ruth Davidson’s party had “taken Glasgow”, rather than ending up in a dismal third place with 9% of the vote and one more seat than the Greens.

(We should note in fairness that the guest, Walthamstow asset manager Katie Martin, was embarrassed and apologetic about it later. It’s an understandable error if you’re an outsider actually getting their information from the papers, or indeed from the BBC.) ….

Amazingly, the BBC is still sticking to its line that the SNP actually lost seven seats when it increased its number of councillors from 425 to 431, a figure based on an unpublished, “estimated” version of the 2012 result supposedly created by the BBC itself which even their Scottish political reporters know nothing about ….

It’s weird enough when parties and media try to rewrite history long after the event in the hope of catching out the unalert reader. But when they try to tell people the exact opposite of what they just saw happen with their own eyes mere hours ago, it’s a tougher message to flog, and even Scotland’s most right-wing papers cared enough about the tattered remnants of their credibility not to follow the BBC’s lead ….

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Author :  Rev. Stuart Campbell
Source :  Wings Over Scotland
Original Publication Date :  May 6, 2017
Article Link :  What they’re trying to sell you
Image Source :  Pixabay
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