The BBC website and app seem to be suppressing search results for the main Scottish and Welsh nationalist parties

BBCby Rev. Stuart Campbell  |  Wings Over Scotland  |  28 April 2019  |  Image :  Pixabay

The BBC came in for a spot of criticism this week when its new BBC Scotland channel opted to show some snooker instead of Nicola Sturgeon’s major speech about a new independence referendum. But then things started to get weird.

An alert Wings reader noted that they hadn’t been able to locate any coverage by the state broadcaster of the SNP’s annual conference this weekend either, even though they send live cameras to just about any other party’s gatherings even if they amount to three people in a phone box (hi, Scottish Lib Dems).

… So we had a go ourselves, starting with the iPlayer app, on which our region is set to Scotland. And sure enough, searching for “scottish national party” or “scottish national party conference” both brought up conference coverage for just about every political party in the UK except the SNP:

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