BBC whitewashes frigates scandal after stalling for 24 hours


With the matter of the UK government’s orders for warships to be built on the Clydehaving been such a vexed and contentious one over the last few years, you’d think that any significant developments in the story would be big news in Scotland.

So yesterday, when it was revealed that BAE systems definitely wouldn’t be building the five cheaper Type 31 frigates – which had replaced the originally-promised Type 26s – in Scotland, in a move which the shipbuilding unions described as a “betrayal”, we sat back and waited for the Scottish media’s outraged blanket coverage.

We didn’t really, of course. We’re not idiots.

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It took the BBC a full 24 hours to figure out how to whitewash this scandal as follows:


Author :  Rev. Stuart Campbell
Source :  Wings Over Scotland
Original Publication Date :  Oct 19, 2017
Article Link :  We don’t see no ships
Image Source :  Pixabay
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