BBC’s Anti-Corbyn Bias ‘Extraordinary’, Says Ex-Trust Chairman


laura_kuenssberg_890x500As an entity funded directly by British citizens, the BBC is mandated to be fair and impartial in its news and political coverage. However accusations of bias are as old as the ‘public service’ itself. Former BBC Trust Chairman Sir Michael Lyons described recent “attacks” by BBC journalists on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as “quite extraordinary,” and he could “understand why people are worried” about impartiality.

Ironically the comments were made on BBC’s own Radio 4 World at One programme. “I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that the BBC has sought to hedge its bets as of late,” he suggested.

But in keeping balance on the topic itself, the BBC’s director general Tony Hall denied there was any bias at all. “That’s not the journalism I know or the journalists in this organisation I know,” he said. “I think the journalism of the BBC is impartial. We test all sides. The journalists in the BBC do a really hard job in the midst of controversy bringing a light and calm judgements to what’s going on.” ….

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Author :  Keelan Balderson
Source :  WideShut
Original Publication Date :  May 12, 2016
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Image Source :  Wikimedia Commons
Image Attribution :  By Policy Exchange (Flickr: Laura Kuenssberg and Rachel Reeves MP) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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