Yet another misleading headline from the biased BBC

biased bbcEditor’s note :  Scroll halfway down the comments section of this Wings Over Scotland article and you will find a News Sniffer link which shows that the Biased BBC changed their misleading headline.

Scottish schoolchildren start their exams today. We wish them good luck, because if any of them have taken their lead in language skills from the nation’s media they’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

For 10% of extra course credit, let’s find out why.

This is what Nicola Sturgeon actually said about the election yesterday, as quoted by almost every source:

“The issue at the heart of this election is — whether you support independence or oppose independence — surely that decision should be taken by the Scottish people and the Scottish Parliament, and not by a Tory government at Westminster.”

Now, unless you’re bottom of the remedial English class there’s only one sane way to interpret those words. They’re not ambiguous or equivocal. They clearly and directly state that PEOPLE’S POSITION ON INDEPENDENCE IS IRRELEVANT TO THE POINT SHE’S MAKING, namely that the issue is which of Scotland’s two conflicting governments should make important decisions.

She says it with spectacularly explicit, unmistakeable clarity: “whether you support independence or oppose independence”. It couldn’t be any plainer – independence isn’t the topic of discussion, the hierarchy of parliaments is ….

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Author :  Rev. Stuart Campbell
Source :  Wings Over Scotland
Original Publication Date :  May 2, 2017
Article Link :  A failure of comprehension
Image Source :  Pixabay
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