Billboards and van adverts accuse BBC Scotland of bias

Editor’s note (Inform Scotland):  The following BBC article reports on the Inform Scotland billboard campaign.  It contains the same kind of blanket statement that can be seen in BBC Reporting Scotland’s news broadcast from last night, which we commented on in a previous article :

“A spokesman for BBC Scotland added: “Reassuringly, audiences continue to tell us that the BBC is still the news provider they trust most, while we take heart from the fact that Reporting Scotland is by far the most watched news programme in Scotland with around half a million viewers tuning in every night.”

Again, we ask – where is the evidence backing up this confident assertion that “the BBC is still the news provider they trust most“?  Has it been published for members of the public to peruse at their leisure?  If so, where?  Also, where can we find the viewership figures?

In our previous article today we cited a government study that found with regards to the BBC – “Scotland’s viewers were consistently the most critical.”  By that rationale, it is very hard to believe that BBC Reporting Scotland is still the go-to news source for Scottish people, who are clearly disillusioned with the BBC’s output, which continues to misreport the facts on Scotland, and has done so since before the Independence Referendum.

For an archive of articles on the BBC’s continual bias and propaganda in Scotland click here.

Here is the BBC article:

Billboards and van adverts accusing the BBC of bias have been unveiled at locations across Scotland.

Pro-independence group Inform Scotland set up a crowd-funding initiative last year in order to pay for the campaign.

A van with a mobile advert which read: “BBC is mis-reporting Scotland” parked outside BBC Scotland’s headquarters in Glasgow on Monday morning.

A spokesman for the corporation said: “We reject the suggestion that our coverage is partial.”

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Source :  BBC News Scotland
Original Publication Date :  Jan 16, 2017
Article Link :  Billboards and van adverts accuse BBC of bias
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