BBC Troll Station – the fourth appearance of an anti-SNP flute band drummer on Question Time

Billy Mitchellby Jason Michael  |  Random Public Journal  |  7 Feb 2019  |  Image :  Pixabay

Editor’s note:  This article is from last week, we missed it first time round (apologies).  We are now archiving it.

Billy Mitchell is anything but your average member of the public. Certainly, from the look of things, he appears to be doing well from his shady links to the British government, and he always seems to turn up right at the wrong part of the world – that is: Wherever the UK government or elements of it are up to dodgy dealings.

His four performances on Question Time tell us one thing for sure, that there are hidden forces at work using him as a tool to make the SNP and the Scottish government look bad.

… Billy Mitchell is not the scandal here. Had we our heads screwed on, we would have expected him and others like him all the while. Someone will always take the Queen’s shilling. The real scandal is that the SNP is as ill-prepared as it is to deal with the type of creature the BBC is.

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