I was Blacklisted by the BBC too – Mark McNaught’s story

blacklistedI received an email on my phone from this producer asking me to do a live interview the following morning to give my views on the EU situation.

This producer had previously contacted me about an interview which didn’t work out, having read my Newsnet article over Scotland and the EU. I said I would be delighted, but I was in Paris and I would have to do it by skype. I received an email response indicating that would be fine ….

I got back later and called him. He seemed a bit flustered and embarrassed when he answered. To the best of my recollection, he asked ‘didn’t you get the email’? I said no. He said they had cancelled my appearance. I asked why, and all I could remember that his response was weasely and unconvincing ….

I’ll never know if the interview was meant to be illuminating or a standard-issue BBC hit job …

What is certain is that either who I was or what I wrote was not to be broadcast on the BBC, which in essence is blacklisting.

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Source :  Indyref2.scot
Publication Date :  Apr 21, 2018

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