Bombshell on BBC bias

bbc biasBMG poll reveals that less than a quarter of the Scottish public actively reject suggestions of BBC bias against independence

As you may have seen overnight, it turns out that the BMG/Herald poll also asked a question about BBC bias against independence.  Because the poll was not commissioned by a pro-independence client, it’s going to be hard for the corporation to dismiss the results out of hand.  36% of respondents agreed with the statement that “the BBC tends to report news that is biased against the cause of Scottish independence”, and only 23% disagreed, with the remainder (41%) apparently saying they neither agreed nor disagreed. The datasets haven’t been released yet (and as it’s the weekend we’ll probably have to wait at least a couple of days), but the Herald article reveals that belief in BBC bias is heavily concentrated among people who voted Yes, and to a lesser extent among the young – presumably because there’s a fair amount of overlap between those two groups ….

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Author :  James Kelly
Source :  Scotgoespop
Original Publication Date :  Feb 11, 2017
Article Link :  Bombshell on BBC bias : BMG poll reveals
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