Britain’s well and truly plucked


Heads you’re BAAAD and tails you’re BAAAD

BBC Reporting How Bad The SNP Is had a wee segment on Monday’s programme about how Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t really want independence, she’s aiming for membership of EFTA instead. That’s sort of EU-lite. You still have to agree to free movement of people, pay a shitload of money, and implement all EU directives, it’s just that you don’t get any say in determining EU policy. Anyway, BBC Reporting How Dreadful It Is concluded that, and I paraphrase, that the rest of Europe probably doesn’t want us on account of the fact that we need to ask Theresa May for permission and that permission isn’t likely to be forthcoming ….

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Author :  Paul Kavanagh
Source :  Wee Ginger Dug
Original Publication Date :  Nov 21, 2016
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Image Source :  Pixabay

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