British Nationalists and their Broadcasting Corporation

nationalismIs the Scottish National Anthem a symbol of fascism and intolerance?

What about the Scottish National Health Service? Is it a racist organisation?

Are the Scottish National Sheepdog trials reserved for dugs who bark in a Scottish accent?

All of the above questions are ridiculous. Nobody is suggesting any of the entities listed are far-right, racist, intolerant or in any way fascist just because they have the word ‘National’ in their official name.

There is though one organisation for which having the word ‘National’ in its name creates problems. I am of course referring to the Scottish National Party – the SNP. The issue was raised at the Edinburgh Book Festival when Nicola Sturgeon told an audience she’d rather the SNP had been named differently.

The First Minister was answering a question from Turkish author Elif Shafak who expressed concerns about Nationalism based on her own experiences. The short exchange can be seen below ….

Read more here ….


Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Aug 20, 2017
Article Link :  British Nationalists and their Broadcasting Corporation
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