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Examining a BBC Scotland complaint about the infamous Frigates Pledge

Below is a complaint lodged with the BBC relating to news coverage on Reporting Scotland.  Included is the response from the editor of Reporting Scotland.  The complainant has added his own comments [shown in red] to that response. Full ...


BBC whitewashes frigates scandal after stalling for 24 hours

With the matter of the UK government’s orders for warships to be built on the Clydehaving been such a vexed and contentious one over the last few years, you’d think that any significant developments in the story would be big news in ...

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BBC used to report on the frigates Indyref pledge, now suddenly silent

.... A special contempt should be held for BBC Scotland.  The broadcaster has an obligation to report without fear or favour.  We are compelled to pay a licence fee for the privelege of having impartial, neutral news coverage.  Yet as I write ...