Alex Salmond
independence referendum

Indyref2 – SNP will not be caught out by BBC bias next time says Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond has said the SNP will not be caught off guard by the BBC’s pro-Union coverage when the second independence referendum is called. The former First Minister revealed that he had a “blind spot” for the broadcaster in 2014 ...

anti-Russian hysteria

BBC Scotland targets Salmond as anti-Russian hysteria grows

Alex Salmond’s show on RT has been targeted by BBC Scotland as anti-Russian hysteria grows following the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter. The former First Minister has become the focus of attention in recent days with both ...

baby boxes

Baby boxes sidelined by BBC, focus shifted to Salmond’s ‘sexist’ joke in order to smear SNP

The Scottish government rolled out baby boxes yesterday [Tuesday]. The boxes contain essentials for new mums. The box itself can be used as a cot for new born babies whose mothers, for whatever reason, may not have a proper sleeping place for ...