Baby Boxes
BBC Scotland

Baby Boxes – Good says BBC England … Bad says BBC Scotland

Babies were in the news last year … or rather baby boxes.  Back in August 2017 the Scottish Government announced its intention give a Baby Box to all new mothers.  A sturdy box that can double as a cot containing stacks of goodies for the ...

Reporting Scotland

Baby boxes sidelined by BBC, focus shifted to Salmond’s ‘sexist’ joke in order to smear SNP

The Scottish government rolled out baby boxes yesterday [Tuesday]. The boxes contain essentials for new mums. The box itself can be used as a cot for new born babies whose mothers, for whatever reason, may not have a proper sleeping place for ...

monitoring BBC Scotland political output

Monitoring BBC Scotland political output – Reporting Scotland 31 July 2017

A pilot project is currently underway with the aim of monitoring BBC Scotland political output.  A key part of this project will be analysing political items broadcast by the flagship news programme Reporting Scotland. Below is an example of how ...