January 17th, 2017 | BBC, Bias / Propaganda, Fake News, The Canary

Forget about Thought Police, Fake News BBC becomes Internet Police

Editor's note (Inform Scotland) - Never letting a fake crisis go to waste, Fake News BBC have whole-heartedly embraced the 'fake news' meme being spun globally by the corporate media, and have taken it upon themselves to be the Police of social ...


Balance … BBC Scotland style

What is balance in terms of political reporting?  Basically it is the presenting of both sides of an argument giving each equal time. But there’s another type of ‘balance’ and it’s one I’ve referred to for several years.  It’s the ...


BBC Scotland mis-represent Bank of Scotland Research to paint picture of gloom

Here’s what BBC Scotland reported this morning (11.1.17) at 06:30am: ‘Most of Scotland’s small firms expect conditions to deteriorate according to research* (invalid, see note below) carried out by the Federation of Small Businesses. It ...


It’s not them, it’s you

Donalda MacKinnon’s immediate predecessor Ken McQuarrie has been a hostile and toxic presence at the top of BBC Scotland for many years now, so we were naturally intrigued to hear if a change of heart at the Corporation was on the horizon. We ...


False narratives

That politicians, aided by a pathetically compliant media, can create a completely false narrative will hardly be news to anyone. What may be surprising, however, is the ease with which this can be done and the speed with which this false narrative ...