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BBC Scotland launches MASSIVE ‘Fishing’ propaganda effort as May’s Brexit deal undermines Scots Tories

by  |  14 Nov 2018  |  Image :  Pixabay The British Broadcasting Corporation’s Scottish branch has launched a massive propaganda effort in what appears to be a bid to help Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tory party after ...


Brexit – Yet *more* stories missing from Reporting Scotland

What can you say about Reporting Scotland?  A national disappointment is probably the most polite thing.  Ah well … let’s see what it’s been up to now. BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme is very selective with stories it ...

Newswatch Scotland

Newswatch Scotland – Brexit and Fishing – BBC’s propaganda

This is the second in a series of short pilot videos.  The aim of the pilot is to demonstrate how a video based alternative media might challenge and weaken the hitherto impenetrable shield that surrounds BBC Scotland. Read more and donate ...