Reporting Scotland – Curiouser and curiouser

What’s been the biggest story in Scotland this week? Few would argue that the unveiling of the Scottish Government’s Brexit proposals by Nicola Sturgeon was the number one item. The story generated headlines across Europe and prompted ...

December 15th, 2016 | BBC, Bias / Propaganda, IndyRef2, Newsnet

Scotland Calling: Time for realism on how post-indy broadcaster would work

The retirement of Colin Blane after a lifetime in BBC radio journalism that took him from Beijing to Johannesburg to Brussels to Glasgow is a reminder of the contribution programme-makers have made to our lives. We hear them daily from ...


LONDON CALLING the documentary

Two organisations emerged losers after the Scottish 2014 independence referendum. YES Scotland won praise after narrowly failing to overturn a thirty point deficit. The other loser was the BBC. The British State broadcaster sacrificed its ...


Showing proper respect for the First Minister’s trip to Dublin: How STV did. Why BBC Reporting Scotland just couldn’t

Comparing the two reports of the First Minister’s trip to Dublin offered no surprises for those of us familiar with BBC Reporting Scotland. As you might expect, there were differences, as once more BBC Reporting Scotland in the person of Glenn ...


Rock Star Sturgeon

Without as much as a red face the BBC announced it was “troubled” by technical gremlins in its attempts to show Scotland how well Scotland’s First Minister was received by the Irish Government in her two-day visit to the Republic. The ...