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Thinking Small: Critiquing the Media in Scotland

What we are left with then are those in the independent or alternative media, and we can’t underestimate the impact these writers and producers have had on the politics of Scotland. Looking at what this blog has been saying, at what others like ...

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The UK-media spin events in Catalonia – Catalan government called an “illegal” referendum

Below is a clip from yesterday’s edition of Sunday Politics Scotland. It features a man called José Rodriguez Mora, who was introduced to SPS viewers neutrally as simply an academic from Edinburgh University but was in fact instrumental in the ...

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Gauging the success of the anti-independence propaganda campaign

With all due respect to Dr Iain Black, I think he was very wise to emphasise that he “makes no claims about how generalisable” his ‘findings’ are. I strongly suspect that his research may not have been measuring what he intended. What his ...


Biased Unionist media is the major obstacle to Scottish independence

ALTHOUGH there are interesting parallels and similarities between Scotland and Catalonia, there are also some very big differences. The biggest obstacle facing Catalonia as it attempts to achieve independence is the intransigence of the ...

Rupert Murdoch
March 22nd, 2017 | Media Bias, The Canary

Rupert Murdoch just found out what happens when you try and mess with Scotland

Editor's note:  This site focuses exclusively on Mis-Reporting on the BBC - but just this once, we are making an exception for SKY - claiming that Teresa May is more popular in Scotland than Nicola Sturgeon, as you can read in the following article ...