January 9th, 2017 | BBC, Bias / Propaganda, Newsnet

Derek Bateman gives the BBC the benefit of doubt

Podcast: New media, old media, Dublin & Brexit This excellent podcast from Newsnet radio gives the view of those who profess the YES point of view - but believe that most of us are wrong for protesting at profoundly biased journalism at the ...

December 15th, 2016 | BBC, Bias / Propaganda, IndyRef2, Newsnet

Scotland Calling: Time for realism on how post-indy broadcaster would work

The retirement of Colin Blane after a lifetime in BBC radio journalism that took him from Beijing to Johannesburg to Brussels to Glasgow is a reminder of the contribution programme-makers have made to our lives. We hear them daily from ...


Wind stops blowing in Scotland’s favour, thanks to incompetent Nats

When a cub reporter for Radio Shortbread’s four p.m Newsdrive programme misapplied the BBC’s quality control procedures, an unspun package believed to have been based on fact was broadcast in error. The hapless tyro’s piece went out before he ...


Scottish extreme debt situation may be misrepresented by TUC

Is there less extreme debt in Scotland? Citizen researcher John Robertson investigates  ‘More than 1.5 million families are in extreme debt, according to a TUC/Unison report’ – BBC ‘Extreme poverty is becoming the norm in Scotland, ...


Fewer people are dying in Scottish hospitals, should we celebrate?

John Robertson claims success for NHS Scotland The BBC slipped in a wee bit of good news for NHS Scotland, to the lunchtime report last week, but it was too busy with bagpipes and the Celtic game to repeat it later at 6.30.  Jackie Bird ...