food parcels

Reporting Scotland create food parcels crisis propaganda

by Talking-Up Scotland  |  15 Apr 2019  |  Image :  Pixabay This morning: ‘The human right to food should be put into Scots law to protect people from rising insecurity. That’s according to a new report. Following a ...


Is there less poverty in Scotland: Will BBC Scotland INFORM us?

by Talking-Up Scotland  |  29 Mar 2019  |  Image :  Pixabay From Reporting Scotland yesterday: ‘Poverty and income inequality continues (sic) to rise according to the latest figures from the Scottish Government.’ ‘You ...


Poverty in Scotland 2018: The positive news that you won’t have heard from BBC Scotland

Reporting Scotland ignored the report altogether. They were far too busy with trouble over the football cup semi-final location and the Tory conference in Birmingham. However, at 06:29 and repeated five more times, in the Scottish insert into BBC ...