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ruth davidson

BBC interview of Ruth Davidson branded ‘disappointing’ by SNP MP

An interview conducted by one of BBC Scotland’s most high-profile presenters has been branded “disappointing” after its subject, the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, Ruth Davidson, escaped scrutiny in several key areas. SNP MP ...

uk-media spin

The UK-media spin events in Catalonia – Catalan government called an “illegal” referendum

Below is a clip from yesterday’s edition of Sunday Politics Scotland. It features a man called José Rodriguez Mora, who was introduced to SPS viewers neutrally as simply an academic from Edinburgh University but was in fact instrumental in the ...

bbc bias

BBC Scotland’s bias against Nicola Sturgeon and favor towards Ruth Davidson

... Given that BBC Scotland is clearly prepared to pore over interviews given by the First Minister, it begs the question; why is a blind-eye being turned to Ruth Davidson? Ruth Davidson has avoided any genuine scrutiny in this general election ...