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January 17th, 2017 | BBC, Bias / Propaganda, Fake News, The Canary

Forget about Thought Police, Fake News BBC becomes Internet Police

Editor's note (Inform Scotland) - Never letting a fake crisis go to waste, Fake News BBC have whole-heartedly embraced the 'fake news' meme being spun globally by the corporate media, and have taken it upon themselves to be the Police of social ...


These billboards are about to pop up all over Scotland, and the BBC will sh*t a brick

Campaign group Inform Scotland is about to release a huge billboard campaign across Scotland, and the BBC will be less than pleased. The pro-independence group describes itself as follows: We are ordinary people, tired of the distortions of ...


A BBC editor has spelled out why the broadcaster’s bias is justified, and it’s utterly outrageous

An ex-editor at the BBC has explained why, and when, bias at the public broadcaster is acceptable, according to the Media Reform Coalition (MRC). The justification was discussed during the first event of the Real Media Tour. And it shows that, ...


Shameful anti-Corbyn smears plague BBC Question Time yet again

Award-winning film director Ken Loach recently claimed that bias in the BBC and other mainstream media outlets is evident in the way “they put stories together”. And on BBC Question Time on 22 September, there were perfect examples of this when ...


The BBC tried to bury this correction, but now the whole country is reading it

The BBC has been forced to admit that it carried misleading reports in the run-up to the vote on going to war in Syria in 2015. For nearly a year, the misleading reports have been read and shared by BBC licence fee payers, yet the broadcaster’s ...