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Ken Loach Tells Jeremy Corbyn Supporters To Phone BBC With Complaints Of Bias

Ken Loach has encouraged Jeremy Corbyn supporters to call the BBC to complain about what he said was the broadcaster’s bias against the Labour leader. The leftwing activist and film director said the BBC had the “pretense of objectivity” ...


Jeremy Corbyn BBC Bias Concerns Detailed In Letter From Academics To News Boss James Harding

Academics from nine British universities have written to the BBC requesting a meeting about the “significant groundswell of concerns” over its coverage of Jeremy Corbyn. The 14 senior academics, from institutions including Glasgow University, ...


Alex Salmond Insists BBC Bias Affected Outcome Of Scottish Independence Referendum

It’s one year on but Alex Salmond is still insisting that the BBC “bias” played a “significant factor” in deciding the result of the Scottish independence referendum. Speaking to the Independent, the former Scottish first ...