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Is avoiding BBC Scotland ‘News’ making Scots more optimistic about the future?

Today, we read on the BBC website: ‘Scots ‘more optimistic about future’, according to BBC survey’ .... The full report is not yet on the YouGov website, but I am able to reveal, based on my contacts in the research industry, the ...

Bias by omission

Bias by omission – BBC cherry-picking in coverage of Audit Scotland Fire-Service report

BBC Scotland has been accused of bias by omission in its news coverage of an Audit Scotland report on the Scottish Fire service. The accusation, from a former Professor of Media Politics, follows news bulletins highlighting an apparent £389m ...

wings over scotland

The asymmetric war – We can help Wings Over Scotland defeat the BBC!

We’re at the halfway point of our 2018 fundraiser, and the all-sources total so far is a thumpingly impressive £103,266 in just two weeks. But while that’s a tremendous sum, it’s sobering too. .... The average Scottish adult – ...

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Protected: Inform Scotland 2019 Merchandise Competition!!!

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orange marches

BBC proudly cover bigoted Orange parades but not 20,000-strong Yes march in Glasgow

All the BBC could see was a family-friendly day out.  Wings over Scotland tells the real story .... We’re not often genuinely shocked, readers. But then we switched on BBC1 Northern Ireland today. And what we found was the state ...