Wings Over Scotland

WingsGate – Reporting Scotland omits involvement of Scottish Labour councillor – Bias by omission

Indyref2 commisisoned an analysis of the evening edition of Reporting Scotland broadcast on Thursday August 2nd. The programme contained a report on the so-called WingsGate episode that saw two pro-Independence bloggers targeted by the BBC which ...

Stuart Campbell

Stuart Campbell : “Independence would directly cause the BBC to lose about 200 million pounds a year.”

Stuart Campbell spoke to Sputnik about the recent shutdown of his Youtube Channel due to BBC complaints of copyright infringement. When asked about the BBC's apparent bias, Campbell pointed out that the BBC as an institution has a vested interest ...

Wings Over Scotland

BBC targeted Wings Over Scotland Youtube account after complaint from Scottish Labour councillor

The BBC has confirmed it targeted a pro-independence blogger’s youtube account after a complaint from a Scottish Labour councillor. It has also emerged that BBC Scotland officials knew about the complaint and the actions taken by the ...