Enter our Competition for Best Phantom BBC Mis-Reporting Advert

BBC Mis-ReportingAttention all Photoshoppers, media creatives, and all round prankers!  Inform Scotland has been inspired by an inventive Winger to announce a new competition.

In addition to our photo competition and video competition, we are very excited to launch a new competition for the best ‘Phantom BBC Mis-Reporting” advert on the internet.

There are no rules, it’s open to your own artistic expression, but the idea is that the image needs to be extremely creative and striking in order to really capture the viewer’s imagination.  This will help us maximize the number of hits to the website and therefore bring more attention to our campaign.

Think out of the box – you could have a BBC Mis-Reporting banner hanging off the Eiffel Tower, or on a ferry to the Isles, or trailing behind a jumbo jet ….

Or on a flag on the moon!!!

There are no limits to the possibilities – let your imagination guide you!

Note –  the above image of a lorry with our banner on it is FAKE!  This didn’t really occur!  And that’s the whole point.  We are looking for image scenarios that go well beyond our own static billboards and Advans – the more sensational, the better!

Thanks so much to the Winger who had this idea and sent us the excellent piece of art shown above.  Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing and you will be inundating us with even more extravagant images!

Please bear in mind that any stock image you might choose to use as a starting point must be copyright free.  We suggest Pixabay.

See competition entries so far on Facebook.

Enter the competition by posting your phantom photo to this Facebook thread.  If you are not on Facebook you can send us a link to your phantom photo via our contact page.

If you have used a copyright free stock image to create your phantom image, please also supply a link to the original image so we can give credit to the original image author.

Good luck!!


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