Thinking Small: Critiquing the Media in Scotland

establishment mediaWhat we are left with then are those in the independent or alternative media, and we can’t underestimate the impact these writers and producers have had on the politics of Scotland. Looking at what this blog has been saying, at what others like Wee Ginger Dug, Wings Over Scotland, Indy Ref Two, Inform Scotland, and others have been saying, it is clear that our main line of criticism of the establishment media is that it is unionist and unrepresentative. Well, it is.

Then we have guys like Mike Small – editor of the Bella Caledonia blog – taking it upon himself at yet another Radical Independence conference to launch another scathing criticism of our critique. Apparently our criticism of the establishment media is one dimensional, and we must go beyond what he clearly sees as a puerile and naïve attempt at doing independent thinking.

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Source :  Random Public Journal
Publication Date :  Feb 12, 2018
Image source :  Pixabay

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