Democracy should define mandates, not the media

the mediaExpectation defines success or failure if you live in media land, and the Scottish public is already being conditioned for a Tory ‘success’.  The message being drummed into the minds of voters is that more seats for the Tories means a weakened mandate for the SNP.

As you would imagine, the state broadcaster is playing its part.  There’s nary a bulletin or interview that doesn’t mention it.

It’s a false narrative of course.  Ruth’s case can be taken apart with ease if reporters wished ….

Democracy should define election mandates, not the media.  The party with the most seats gets to call the shots.  That’s how it will work in England.  The media should apply the same rules in Scotland ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Apr 23, 2017
Article Link :  Democracy should define mandates, not the media 
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