BBC Director General will be receiving complaint letter from Alex Salmond over Youtube shutdown of Indy channels

Director GeneralDear Director General

I write to you about the current controversy with regard to the BBC enforcing copyright against two Independence supporting on-line publications which has resulted in their YouTube channels being shut down.

My interest in the matter is that one of the news excerpts complained about in relation to Wings Over Scotland was an interview with me broadcast in February 2014. My concern was also sparked by the refusal of anyone in BBC London to be interviewed on this issue on BBC Scotland’s GMS programme on the radio this morning.

My points would be as follows;

Firstly the news excerpts complained about on Wings Over Scotland seem exactly that – news excerpts which you would fully expect to be covered by the fair comment exemption to copyright.

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Director General, Director General
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Image Source :  Pixabay (CC0), Wikimedia (B&W/ poster edges)
by Harris Morgan (CC BY 2.0)
Publication Date :  Aug 2
, 2018

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