Do you really need a TV licence? 20+ TV licence fee tips

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It used to be you only needed a TV licence if you had a telly. Yet the internet age means the rules have exploded with complications, and until recently, those who only watched catch-up TV could get away without paying the £154.50 annual fee for a colour TV.  

Now that’s changed, and if you watch BBC iPlayer, you’ll need a licence – but you won’t for other catch-up sites. Confused? Don’t be. This full guide will take you through whether you should be paying or not.

If you watch TV as it’s being broadcast you need a TV licence – on any device

If you watch or record shows as they’re being shown on telly in the UK (‘live TV’), you need to be covered by a TV licence. You now also need one if you use BBC iPlayer – see below.

What many may not realise is that this is the case regardless of the device you’re watching on – according to research published by TV Licensing, over 31% of students don’t know watching live TV on a mobile requires a licence (though in most cases you don’t need two if you already have one) ….

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