Enter our photo competition and get snapping!

photo competitionWith the roll out of our billboards across Scotland starting next week (16th January 2017) we are very excited to announce our photo competition!

Our billboard campaign is sure to be a unique and controversial event that will be shared across social media, and we’d love to see your photos documenting it.  So if you’re visiting a billboard location near you, be sure to take your trusty camera and get snapping!

There are no rules, it’s your photo and therefore open to your own artistic expression.  Just be sure to capture those billboards standing loud and proud and reaching to the sky!  And remember – this event is as much about the supporters of Inform Scotland who helped make all this possible as it is about the billboards – so passionate Scottish faces are welcome!

Lastly, we want this campaign to go viral so it will be covered by the mainstream media – as such we intend to showcase as many of your photos as possible on informscotland.com and our Facebook and Twitter pages.  By the same token, if you are passionate about our ethos and the wider movement against BBC bias and propaganda, we encourage you to share your photos across social media, bringing attention to our campaign and linking back to informscotland.com.

So, don’t be shy, enter our photo competition and get snapping!  And you never know, you might just win the prize for best photo!

To enter our photo competition, simply contact us through our Facebook page or contact page and send us a link to your photo online.

Image source :  Pixabay


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