Forget about Thought Police, Fake News BBC becomes Internet Police

Fake News BBCEditor’s note (Inform Scotland):  Never letting a fake crisis go to waste, Fake News BBC have whole-heartedly embraced the ‘fake news’ meme being spun globally by the corporate media, and have taken it upon themselves to be the Police of social media.  This impressive display of bravado, sure to strike the fear of God into web surfers worldwide, will be part of the BBC’s ‘Reality Check’ series .  Given the amount of fake news, biased reporting, and outright propaganda coming out of the BBC – much of which we have discussed extensively on this website – perhaps at some stage the BBC would do well to ‘reality check’ themselves.

Here is an excellent article by The Canary discussing the BBC’s latest propaganda stunt –

The BBC and Facebook team up to police our social media and it could turn pretty ugly

The BBC last week announced plans to make permanent its ‘Reality Check’ team, aimed at debunking news stories that were misleading the public. Currently, the programme examines political statements to check if the facts add up to what they claim. Such as: Are one third of NHS beds really being cut? Or: Is inequality in the UK actually rising? Now, they will take on ‘fake news’ with Facebook. But some believe the implications for this are deeply worrying.

Reality Check

James Harding, Director of BBC Newsreportedly told staff:

The BBC can’t edit the internet, but we won’t stand aside either ….

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Author :  Sophia Akram
Source :  The Canary
Original Publication Date :  Jan 17, 2017
Article Link :  The BBC and Facebook team up to police ….
Archive Link :
Image Source :  Pixabay


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