There’s a £23m fake news industry in the UK, and the BBC gives it a tonne of airtime

fake newsThere is a fake news industry in the UK. The huge sum it spends is unknown, but it’s well over £23m annually. And the BBC gives it a tonne of coverage. As do other outlets in the corporate media.

A new annual report from Transparify, an organisation promoting transparency, calls out dark money thinktanks in the UK. The report deems six thinktanks in the UK ‘highly opaque’ and one outright ‘deceptive’. Without revealing their funding, these million-pound thinktanks indicate they lack confidence in their intellectual independence and integrity. There are documented cases of a number of these organisations producing misinformation for shadowy financiers. But the BBC still consistently uses them as legitimate sources, without questioning their agenda ….

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Author :  James Wright
Source :  The Canary
Original Publication Date :  Feb 9, 2017
Article Link :  There’s a £23m fake news industry ….
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