Fewer people are dying in Scottish hospitals, should we celebrate?

hospital-ward-890x500John Robertson claims success for NHS Scotland

The BBC slipped in a wee bit of good news for NHS Scotland, to the lunchtime report last week, but it was too busy with bagpipes and the Celtic game to repeat it later at 6.30.  Jackie Bird brought us this great news:

‘Meanwhile fewer people are dying in Scotland’s hospitals. Between 2014 and this year, hospital mortality fell by 4.5% which is 3 000 fewer deaths than predicted.’

Oh come on BBC, surely that’s headline material and worthy of a smile? What about getting Shona Robison, SNP Health Secretary, on to be grilled by Jackie and defend herself against Tory accusations that NHS Scotland is deliberately using taxpayers’ money to improve health outcomes? As somebody who is increasingly in hospital, I’m chuffed to feck.

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Author :  Prof. John Robertson
Source :  Newsnet
Original Publication Date :  Aug 28, 2016
Article Link :  http://newsnet.scot/news-analysis/fewer-people-dying-scottish-hospital-celebrate/
Archive Link :  http://archive.is/8NDLD
Image Source:  Pixabay

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