BBC Flood propaganda – Is SEPA pushing for more funding or is BBC Scotland News full of solid effluents?


by Prof. John Robertson  |  Talking-Up Scotland  |  21 Dec 2018  |  Image :  Pixabay

‘More than double the number of properties are (sic) at risk from flooding in Scotland than previously thought.’ (BBC Scotland, today 07:27)

Repeated nine times today, I predict, this was the broadcast and website headline for BBC Scotland. I don’t know where the speech marks were in the TV broadcast version, but they should certainly have been more accurately placed around the ‘number.’ I’m happy that SEPA classifications of flood risk are pretty objective and require no doubtful wee speech marks but it was clear that SEPA themselves wanted to qualify the meaning of the word ‘number’. Here’s what is admitted further down:

‘Steve McFarland, of Sepa’s flood risk planning and policy team, said the rise in the figure for “at risk” homes, was largely down to improved modelling and knowledge, rather than an increased physical risk.’

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