Free Mis-Reporting Scotland car stickers!

free car stickers

Attend any photo opportunity across Scotland Monday to Sunday next week and get your free car stickers!

Mis-Reporting Scotland car stickers will be available from the Inform Scotland Advans as they cruise gloriously down a street near you!

free car stickersAdvan routes are shown below.  Feel free to approach the Advan in your local area and request your free car stickers!

Advan Route – week commencing 16th January

Photo ‘stop-off points’

16th January – Glasgow Central and South

See detailed PDF here ….

17th January – North Edinburgh and Fife

See detailed PDF here ….

18th January – Stirling and Falkirk

See detailed PDF here ….

19th January – Dundee and Aberdeen

See detailed PDF here ….

8th February – Edinburgh South and Central

See detailed PDF here ….

9th February – Glasgow North

See detailed PDF here ….

10th February – Sunday Dumfries and Ayr

See detailed PDF here ….

If you live in a rural and remote area and would like stickers to distribute then contact us here

Individual stickers can also be bought for a small charge from  or contact

We are running both a photo competition and a video competiton, which we are very excited about.  So bring your trusty camera and camcorder to any of the locations above, and you just might win a prize for best photo/ video of the Inform Scotland billboards.

Remember – this billboard campaign was funded by you, the Inform Scotland supporters – and it’s the photos and videos that you take of this daring event that will help our campaign go viral and send shock-waves through the BBC!

Together we can bring awareness to BBC bias and propaganda.  We need to make the mainstream media stand up and take notice of this important subject matter, not just for Scottish Independence, but for the value of rigorous journalistic standards based on truth, impartiality, and fact.

Image source : Burak Kebapci on Pexels


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