GA Ponsonby complaint to the BBC receives a typically weak response

GA PonsonbyBelow is the full exchange between former blogger GA Ponsonby and the BBC following a complaint lodged by Mr Ponsonby.  The complaint centred on an item broadcast on Reporting Scotland on August 24th 2017 and a longer version shown online that same day.  Both can be seen below.

Original complaint from GA Ponsonby – 29 August 2017

Ruth Davidson has, for several months, refused to be interviewed by BBC Scotland on a string of controversial issues. Brexit and the controversial DUP deal being the most obvious.

On August 20th it emerged two councillors who had been suspended by the Scottish Conservatives after posting racist and anti-Catholic messages on social media had been re-instated into the party. Following this news, Ruth Davidson was again invited to be interviewed by BBC Scotland. Again the Scottish Conservative leader refused.

The BBC has thus far been unable or unwilling to interview Ruth Davidson on the issue of the two councillors. For fully four days BBC Scotland made no attempt to doorstep the Scottish Tory leader.

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Original Publication Date :  Dec 13, 2017
Article Link :  A complaint by GA Ponsonby to the BBC
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Image Source :  Pixabay

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