GERS: Five million mouths to feed … spare a copper guvnor?



It’s GERS time again.  The festival specially created in order to remind the subsidy-junkies of North Britain just how lucky they are to be part of the Union.

Once a year Westminster, having tossed its spare change into Scotland’s plastic cup all year round, provides some data showing just how much it has handed out to the northern beggar nation.  This year it’s in the region of fifteen billion pounds.  Thanks guv … God bless you sir.

Unionists are, they constantly tell us, ‘proud to be Scottish’.  But pride is the cousin of self-respect.  What kind of self-respect is there in publicly boasting that you rely on the largesse of your neighbour in order to survive?

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Aug 24, 2016
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