Glenn Campbell least trusted political reporter at Pacific Quay for good reason

Glenn CampbellDo you trust BBC Scotland?  If you’re an independence supporter the answer is probably no.

If you gave it some thought though you’d qualify your reply by separating BBC Scotland’s news and current affairs department with the rest.

Mistrust of the BBC in Scotland stems from the station’s presentation of news … political news.

But even that mistrust isn’t across the board.  Not everyone in the News and Current Affairs department is viewed with suspicion.

Ask a Yesser for his or her opinion of Isabel Fraser and it’s likely it will be positive.  John Beattie is often cited as an example of someone who had a good referendum.  James Cook didn’t provoke the same outrage as his colleague Glenn Campbell throughout the indyref1 campaign.

In short, there are good apples in amongst the bad at pacific Quay.  That was no more evident last week when two of the aforementioned reporters were each designated with the task of reporting on the First Minister’s trip to the USA.

James Cook and Glenn Campbell took it in turns to report on Nicola Sturgeon’s trip.  Cook, already stateside, was an obvious choice to cover the First Minister’s Californian excursion.  Campbell, based in Scotland, was despatched to New York in time for her arrival in the Big Apple.

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  Apr 12, 2017
Article Link :  Who’s the fairest? – Glenn Campbell versus James Cook
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