Good Morning Scotland maligns the ‘most reliable’ trains in the UK with the help of Dr Eamonn O’Neill

Dr Eamonn O’NeillOn GMS, at 7.40am yesterday, associate professor, Dr Eamonn O’Neill, Napier University, reviewed the papers with all the critical analysis of…….someone who is not an associate professor and who likes them and all his old pals a lot? He delights in a Herald (his old employer) piece on Scotrail beginning with:

‘Services in Scotrail are the worst since records began’

You can guess what follows. Less predictably, he sniggers strangely between dramatic catastrophic quotes.  He’s guffawing now. Why is he so delighted by this? Is he hoping that a posse of maddened-by-delay commuters will verbally attack Humza Yousef, thinking he’s still responsible and that Scottish Labour can then exploit the situation? They’d fuck it up of course.

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Dr Eamonn O’Neill
Source :  Talking-Up Scotland
Author :  Professor John Robertson
Image source :  Pixabay
Publication Date : Sep 23, 2018

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