Good riddance to Scotland 2016



Rushed out during the independence referendum and subsequently panned by critics, Scotland 2016 is now on death row.  Its demise can’t come soon enough for me.

Some people have been lamenting its imminent passing and the fact that there won’t be a dedicated late night current affairs programme produced by BBC Scotland.  I couldn’t care less if nothing replaces it.  A constant stream of pro-Union journalists providing their ‘analysis’ is something I can do without.

The show – initially called Scotland 2014 – was supposed to be a vehicle for Sarah Smith.  The daughter of former Labour leader John Smith was one of a couple of highly paid Anglo-Scots recruited by BBC Scotland during the latter stages of the indyref campaign.  The other was James Naughtie.  Both displayed the usual tendency to push a pro-Union agenda ….

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
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Original Publication Date :  23 Jun, 2016
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