The Grudge: How BBC Scotland cannot bear to give credit

BBC Scotland‘The previous interim target of 42% [reduction in greenhouse emissions] was met in 2014, six years early!’

Isn’t that brilliant, good new on a Scottish Government target? Oh, no wait a minute, she’s not finished:

‘But the Committee on Climate Change said that the decrease was largely* down to a warmer than average winter reducing the demand for heating.’

Ah, not so good then? That was the BBC Scotland report announcing new targets and reflecting on previous progress at 06.30 am today.

You might remember this really good news on wind power, from January 10th,

‘The total amount of wind energy produced on Christmas Eve was also the highest ever, with more than 74,000MWh sent to the National Grid – equivalent to the average daily electricity needs of 6.09 million homes. And, as energy use fell on Christmas Day, wind turbines provided 153 per cent of Scotland’s electricity needs.’

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Author :  Prof. John Robertson
Source :  Thought Control Scotland
Original Publication Date :  Jan 19, 2017
Article Link :  The Grudge: How BBC Scotland cannot bear to give credit
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Image source :  Pixabay


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