The asymmetric war – We can help Wings Over Scotland defeat the BBC!

Wings Over ScotlandWe’re at the halfway point of our 2018 fundraiser, and the all-sources total so far is a thumpingly impressive £103,266 in just two weeks. But while that’s a tremendous sum, it’s sobering too.

…. The average Scottish adult – independence supporters included – sends the BBC about £72 a year. (£323m from 4.5m adults.)

While obviously a minority of folk do boycott the licence fee, that still means that the average Wings Over Scotland reader gives the BBC 240 times as much money every year as they give Wings Over Scotland to fight it.

And as well as its own output, which is hugely financially incentivised in favour of the Union, the BBC is now using your money to directly fund Scottish newspapers hostile to independence by paying them to hire more reporters.

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Author :  Rev. Stuart Campbell
Source :  Wings Over Scotland
Image source :  Pixabay
Publication Date :  Mar 20, 2018

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