“Indyref2 no more!” Yeah, dream on David Mundell….

Despite the pomposity of David Mundell and his fellow tory stooges, there will be an Indyref2 and there will be an Independent Scotland.  A bunch of liars aided and abated by the biased BBC can’t stop it from happening.

The people in this video are laughing, but the people of Scotland will have the last laugh.

The only relevance these goons have is inside an ever shrinking media bubble, facilitated by a propaganda corporation whose credibility is dead.

In the face of despicable BBC bias, the Scottish people have always had the courage to stand up and make their opinion clear.  An independent Scotland is the future.  We all know it.

Bring on the fight.

Source :  Ponsonby Post
Original Publication Date :  June 14, 2017
Archive Link :  Archive.is
Image Source :  Pixabay
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