Inform Scotland billboards are live !!

billboardsThe Inform Scotland billboard campaign for BBC Misreporting Scotland is live as of 16th January 2017.

It will continue over the next two weeks – with giant mobile adverts touring the country and fixed billboards in major centres across Scotland, and banners in the Highland.


All routes have stopping off points & timings where there will be excellent photo opportunities for people to share this unique event on social media!  Also, we are running a photo competition for the best photo showcasing the billboards, and capturing the general ethos of Inform Scotland and the wider movement against BBC bias.  Likewise, we are running a video competition, and a phantom photo competition, so get involved!

We are touring Scotland and are looking for people to take photos everywhere like;

  • Outside the BBC at Pacific Quay, Edinburgh Castle, Scottish Parliament.

  • And dozens of shopping centres and main streets in towns and cities across the Country – click on the links to choose where and what day you want to take your photo.

  • FREE CAR STICKERS!!  We plan to distribute BBC Misreporting Scotland car stickers at stopping off points.

Advan Route – week commencing 16th January

Photo ‘stop-off point’ URL’s

16th January, Glasgow Central and South See detailed PDF here ….
17th January, North Edinburgh and Fife See detailed PDF here ….
18th January, Stirling and Falkirk See detailed PDF here ….
19th January, Dundee and Aberdeen See detailed PDF here ….
8th February, Edinburgh South and Central See detailed PDF here ….
9th February, Glasgow North See detailed PDF here ….
10th February, Dumfries and Ayr See detailed PDF here ….


The static billboards will go up in the week beginning 16th January and run for two weeks in locations across Scotland. The changeover day during the Week beginning 16th January 2017 varies so the posters won’t necessarily all appear on the Monday, but they will run for a full two weeks from when they do first appear.

Here are the locations of fixed billboards.

General Location

Grid Reference

Western Road, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

GR: 55.615825, -4.511282

Pointhouse Rd, over Clydeside Expressway, Glasgow

GR: 55.863361, -4.298117

Main Street, Newmains, Wishaw

GR: 55.782508, -3.877706

West Harbour Road, Edinburgh

GR: 55.983243, -3.233719

Dens Rd at junction with Provost Rd, Dundee

GR: 56.474323, -2.974811

Aberdeen Park and Ride at Exhibition Centre

GR: 57.130814, -2.116778

We negotiated with the 3 main billboard companies – JCDecaux, PrimeSight and ClearChannel. Despite there being no legal reason for not running the poster, JCDecaux refused to run it because they said it was “too controversial”. Primesight refused to run it apparently because the BBC itself is one of their major customers.

That left us with ClearChannel, who agreed to run the fixed billboards, but only in a slightly revised format, which turns our statement “BBC Is Misreporting Scotland” into “Is the BBC Misreporting Scotland?”


If you are in a rural area or up in the Highland and Islands – you can still get Inform Scotland banners for your local area – follow this link.  Many thanks to member and supporter Iain MacDonald of Yes Highland for organizing this part of the campaign.

Once again, thank you for your support with this campaign.

The Inform Scotland Team

10th January 2017



Image Source : Bob the Lomond


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