Hiding good news – Reporting Scotland at its best [worst]

institutional corruptionAn example of what I believe is the institutional corruption within BBC Scotland appeared on Wednesday.  The day started off with some surprising good news.

Scotland had the best performing NHS across the whole of the UK.  Alone out of the four constituent parts, our NHS had managed to reach some waiting time targets.

Admittedly eight per cent is not a massive figure and certainly nothing to boast about, but when placed alongside zero for England, zero for Wales and zero for Northern Ireland then it’s more than a crumb of comfort.  Best of a bad lot perhaps, but still the best.

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Author :  GA Ponsonby
Source :  Indyref2.scot
Original Publication Date :  Oct 18, 2017
Article Link :  Hiding good news – Reporting Scotland at its best [worst]
Archive Link :  Archive.is
Image Source :  Pixabay
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