Jackie Bird and her ‘detectives’ think they’ve found a ‘dysfunctional department’ of the NHS

Jackie Birdby Talking-Up Scotland  |  2 Apr 2019  |  Image :  Pixabay

On Reporting Scotland last night, from Jackie Bird:

‘A health watchdog has criticised NHS Tayside after breast cancer patients were given lower doses of chemotherapy than patients in other parts of Scotland. Healthcare improvement Scotland say patients should have been informed about the differences in their treatment.’

Based on one whistle-blower and ‘some’ unidentified staff sources.

We do hear that the consultant team made the decision to reduce the dosage because they thought it was in the best interests of their patients and then heard an NHS prof tell us dosage is personalised. Dosage is also a matter of ongoing debate among specialists.

Off course we don’t hear why the lower dose was prescribed for some – an act of kindness by specialists who know what they’re doing?

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