Baby boxes are BAAADD, mmmkay ….

In the following Reporting Scotland broadcast, a Scottish health correspondent for The Times expresses criticism of the Scottish government’s policy to give a free baby box to expectant parents in Scotland.  The pack contains various useful items that can help parents take care of their newborn babies.

Despite the obvious benefits of this service and the success of these baby box packs in other countries, the journalist Helen Puttick believes the money spent on the baby boxes could be better targeted.

(video posted by Youtuber Ponsonby Post)

In a recent article posted at STV News, Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Scotland’s baby box is a strong signal of our determination that every child, regardless of their circumstances, should get the best start in life.

“The box contains around 40 different essential items for new babies and for parents.

“It’s a simple idea with a proven record in tackling deprivation, improving health and supporting parents, and I’m proud and excited that the pilot is now under way.

“Being a parent is the most important but also the most difficult job there is, so it’s important that parents get as much support as possible.

“The box complements the existing services available to help babies and parents to thrive in the crucial early months.”

In a Guardian article from April 2016, Sturgeon is quoted, saying:

“By providing every newborn with a baby box, we can help child health – and by providing greater support to new families, we will also help to tackle child poverty and improve the chances of some of our most deprived children,”

In Helen Puttick’s article at The Times, she reveals the fearful opinion of opposition politicians that baby boxes “will not promote breastfeeding”.


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